quote: …the anonymous but false attributions of a Gospel to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the fact that at least 6 of the 13 epistles were not written by Paul. The 3 that almost everyone says were “pseudoepigraphical” were 1st and 2nd Timothy and Titus. The “Pastorals” are forged. 3 more are also said to not be from Paul; Ephesians, Colossians and 2nd Thessalonians. Which is the “Original New Testament?” Furthermore, you have books like Hebrews, James, Jude and Revelation that many people thought should not have made the New Testament. Others were falsely written in the name of John and of Peter. How many books are we going to throw out of the “Original” New Testament?

Furthermore, what of the apocrypha? What of all the books that didn’t make the cut? There were approximately 40 gospels floating around and yet only 4 made that cut. There were about a dozen “Acts” books floating around and only one made it.

The Apocalypse/Revelation of Peter was right there with the Revelation that did make it and it wasn’t the only sort of Apocalyptic or revelatory text.

How would you know that Gospels and Acts and Epistles and Revelations that were meant to be in the Bible didn’t miss the cut?

It isn’t just about the dubious authenticity of what did make it into the “Original New Testament.” Could every one of the 200+ books in New Testament Apocrypha be bogus?




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    • hi pagan, i have a question. matthew said that an angel came down and zapped the guards . thomas wrote that jebus beat up a kid and killed him. so how do you know that the STORY about the angel CAME before matthew wrote it? and how do you know that know story/oral tradition about jebus beating up a kid DID not exist before the authour of thomas wrote it?

    • was god in trinity having FUTURE thoughts about how he will preplan his future flesh abuse and this was the reason for forgiveness ? did god CREATE THE whole sacrificial system in the ot because he was going to base his violent self abuse on it? so divine justice REQUIRED that divine god VIOLENTly beat the shit out of himself before he can forgive? right? god CREATED the sacrificial system because omni everything god wanted to remind himself how he was going to get it, right?

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